• Lion Match Shoe Drive - Esiwoyeni

    There are nearly 7 million kids in South Africa who go to school every day with no shoes. Lion Quality Shoe Polish is dedicated to donating school shoes to the deserving pupils to help restore their dignity.

    Esiwoyeni Primary School is situated at St. Faith in the South Coast of KZN. The school has identified 68 pupils that needed new school shoes as they did not have any or theirs had been worn out.

    We received a warm welcome from the teachers and the pupils who were truly grateful for the donation of shoes.
  • Heart2HandHeart2Hand 2018

    Project Heart2Hand, a partnership between Cherubs and The Blue Sky Society Trust facilitated a R80 000 upgrade to the Maitland Cottage Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital in Newlands, Cape Town. The project saw new flooring and curtains for the facility as well as a beautiful mural from the book, The Little Optimist, to add a positive surrounding to assist with recovery and recuperation of the little patients.

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  • Soul2Sole 2017

    There is nothing quite so humbling as giving a pair of shoes to a child – knowing that this small gesture will improve their lives. Lion Quality Shoe Polish and the Blue Sky Society Trust have partnered on the Soul 2 Sole project, which aims to provide children at lower LSM schools in South Africa with a new pair of school shoes, shoe polish and a pair of grey socks. In March 2017, the project visited 4 schools in KZN and delivered 333 pairs of brand-new shoes to children in need.

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  • Project Cherubs Wet Wipes

    In March this year, the Lion Match Company and Cherubs partnered with Blue Sky Society Trust to assist them with the distribution of 10 560 packets of Cherubs wet wipes to children and organisations in need. Thanks to the project, we were able to reach over 3000 people across the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal – impacting people from under a year old, to over 90 years old.

  • Umbimbilethu Creche 2016

    The Lion Match Company and Cherubs partnered with the Blue Sky Society Trust to assist the Umbimbilethu crèche, home to 77 learners, with a much needed facility upgrade and to establish an outdoor play area. The upgrade has been incredibly successful with Cherubs also providing products for the caregivers of the young learners.

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    Puberty marks the entrance into womanhood and should be a time of celebration. Young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds do not share in the excitement with little to no education on the matter and a lack of sanitary pads at their disposal during this life-changing period. This often results in a drastic decline in school attendance and their education suffers.

    The Lion Match Company, Comfitex Pads and Blue Sky Society Trust launched the Big Sister Project on the 22nd of June at Hlengimpilo Primary School in Inanda, KZN in the hopes of igniting an initiative to bring about positive change throughout the province. Our hope is to empower young females by educating them and providing them with the necessary sanitary aids to show them how they can experience normalcy and continue to attend their lessons.

    Each student received a six-month supply of Comfitex sanitary pads, panties, as well as an education pamphlet and an interactive lesson provided by the organisers.

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  • Ingane Yami 2016

    The Lion Match Company supports Ingane Yami. This is a non-profit organisation, established in response to the growing AIDS crisis in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The organisation works with orphaned and abandoned children as well as children trapped in vulnerable circumstances, and raises them in a loving family environment in order to restore lives. Their ultimate goal is to help these children realise their full potential and become a future generation of young leaders.

  • A water problem in the community was resulting in an insufficient water supply, which was crippling the daily operation of the village. Lion Safety Matches has donated two boreholes to Ingane Yami in order to secure a reliable water resource.

  • In South Africa, there are over 7 million children who have never owned or worn a pair of new school shoes. These children have become accustomed to walking barefoot through our rough African terrain. At its core Soul 2 Sole is simply about providing a pair of school shoes to as many of these underprivileged children as possible. We strongly believe that this small and simple gesture can have a ripple effect, bringing hope, pride and dignity to our future leaders. Soul 2 Sole works to connect individuals and groups with underprivileged schools to provide footwear, funds or other resources needed by the school and it’s community.

  • The Lion Match Company partnered with Blue Sky Society Trust to donate a pair of Toughees school shoes and tin of Lion Quality Shoe Polish to each of the 260 pupils at the Matabetulu Primary School in iNanda.

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